2006-05-08 - 5:27 p.m.


I CAN NOT believe this.

I'm not recovering well from the break-in. Last night I slept with stuff in front of doors...but still, after 3 am I kept waking up at the slightest sound.

I've been doing magic. That's how far gone I am. I'm making fairy rings around the house and leaving offerings to fairies to protect us.

Yesterday I scrubbed windows...just to get the taint of thieves off of them. I mean, I scrubbed. Washed and bleached away any remnent of them.

Today I planned to spend the day cleaning the whole house, meshing with it again. Nesting so to speak.

So at 11 this morning I tore my bathroom to shreds. Took everything out, every bottle, every necklace, every rubber band...and started scrubbing. And then....

The house across the street from us started shriekeing.

It's been shrieking all day.

The security alarm.

I started shaking at about 1. Then I started crying. I tried to put a CD into the stereo up here to try to cover the sound but I couldn't get the sound to work. So I started crying and shaking more. Called Eric, he came home, fixed the sound. I could still hear the shrieking. Finally at about 4 it stopped. Now it is 5:30 and it is back. I just called Amy and told her to forget about bringing one PACK of nicotine for me...I want a TWO CARTONS now. For fucking real.

This is really awful.

I REALLY want to figure out how to come home now. I am just tired.

So tired.


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