2006-03-19 - 9:56 p.m.

So, last year when I moved here I heaved a big sigh of relief because the grocery store had sour cream. Actually, what they have is creme fraiche...but it's almost the same and actually better than our American sour cream. I like sour cream a lot.

Then, sometime around September it started getting sparse...I could only get creme fraiche at one store.

Then it just disappeared completely. For six months.

Now it is back. In all the stores.

And then there is this ice cream flavor...nata. Nata is REALLY delicious. All the brands of ice cream make a nata flavor. I discovered nata this past summer. I eat a lot of ice cream so I would say that I was buying one container of nata a week until around Christmas time. Then it disappeared. Completely. No nata. Nada nata. None. WHY ISN'T IT BACK YET!!!!!????WHY???? I NEED NATA!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously. I need it.

It's gotten to a point now where if I see something I might use in the next couple years I just buy it. Like the big bag of white corn flour I bought the other day. I have no idea what you do with white corn flour. But I might need and I will be really pissed in six months when I go back to buy it and there is no sign of white corn flour anywhere.

If I had nata right now there would be no need for me to go downstairs to make a miniature batch of snickerdoodles. Assholes.

And I am sick and tired of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (they call it Operacion G here) making me cry. What the hell is wrong with me?


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