2006-03-11 - 12:23 p.m.

I just found a website from which to buy books! And DVD'S! This is exciting. You see, before I wasn't able to buy books or DVD's online because the shipping was ridiculous. THIS website,, has free shipping to Spain!! And their prices are normal. This is great. I bought $150 worth of books when I was in Michigan, hauled them back here in my suitcase and DAMN! I didn't need to go through that! Anyway, it was nice to actually thumb through books before buying them, so the bookstore was not wasted on me.

I am drinking coffee from a new coffee mug this morning. New coffee mugs excite me. I don't know why. Eric and I bought three mugs at the junk shop in Sitges the other day (junk shops are awesome and especially so here because for some reason they have the things you just cannot find elsewhere). I am on my last bag of Organic Love Buzz that I brought back from Michigan with me. That makes me sad. Organic Love Buzz is the best coffee in the world, plus it has that cool name. Thank you Sawall's for carrying it. Now send me more.

My brother wrote last night and said he and his girlfriend are trying to pull together a trip to come here in a couple weeks. I kept waking up last night remembering other websites I could look at for cheap tickets...but alas, it's so close to the date all the tickets are stupid and expensive. PLEASE LET THEM HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY TICKETS!!! Me and my Squishy Cat would be very excited. And why, Northwest, aren't you offering any cash and mile tickets right now? You are in financial difficulty, it would seem like you would take anything right now. And my brother really needs to fly over here on the Airbus A-330.

Speaking of Airbus...Eric's friend has been trying to get him to apply to Airbus, in the U.K. for a job. For some reason that thought really feels good to me. It would be something more along the lines of what Eric got into engineering for in the first place, AND, it would be new and different and I really think that Eric needs to get out from under THIS job because I can tell classic signs of burnout when I see them. I was the queen of burnout and hang in too long. Also...we could live in England where they make excellent cheese (I was never fond of French cheese, I'm more of a sharp cheddar kind of girl)and we could still be living our European experience and have access to all the European countries we still have to get to...AND...I could probably work. I don't WANT to work, I am enjoying the rapture of not working...but that rapture only goes so far when in battle with the part of me that needs to make money. I think right now it would be best for me to work...until we get everything in order and have things like cool bedding and I have completed my collection of Dansko's. I still don't want to move back to the U.S., I still need to make this life work abd be happy and comfortable with it...otherwise for the rest of my life I will feel like I failed and I will regret it and I don't have regrets. So. Anyway.

South Park was so funny last night that I think I pulled a stomach muscle from laughing so hard. Also, they are finally showing different episodes of Seinfeld, not just the same six episodes over and over again.

I bought a Spanish magazine the other day. I was trying to remember how I learned as much French as I did and it wasn't from lessons or even from talking to people (I am still in the same boat with the French of course, I mean, I can't have a converstaion in French but I do know, for some reason, more words AND, I am more comfortable (though still not comfortable enough to actually speak I don't think) speaking French out loud) I learned it from reading and listening to French music. Also, I learned all the french words for common things in my day. For instance, I learned my whole waitress routine in French, I learned all the food in French...things like that. I need to do that in Spanish. I just don't get why I have this reluctance to learn this language?? I was all excited about learning French.


I would like to go for a walk today but it has been so damn windy that walking gets a little stressful, always shit in my eyes adn crap like that. I mean, it is SO windy here lately. I also need to get some film. Eric and I went to stores the other day to try to get film and apparently you can't buy it over the counter. All the film is neatly tucked behind counters and you have to ask for it. I am rather irritated by wouldn't be such a problem to ask for film...but, what if they ask what kind of film, what speed, what this or that? I don't know anything about film, I just grab all purpose film and am done with it.



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