2006-03-08 - 3:31 p.m.

Last night I made Rice Krispies treats. I hate saying Rice Krispies treats because I want to say Rice Krispy treats but that is not what they are called, they are called Rice Krispies. Anyway, I would like to share them with Spanish people because I am sure they have never had them due to the fact that they don't have marshmallows here. At least, not the kind of marshmallows that you can make Rice Krispies treats from. WE have marshmallows, the kind you can make things with, because my friend Natallie brought four bags with her when she was here for Thanksgiving so we could make sweet potatoes. So we had three bags left over and they are good for nothing else except Rice Krispies treats. Since I hate S'mores. S'mores are gross. I like all the components of S'mores, I just don't like them together.

ANYWAY...I made those delicious treats last night and there are still a few bars left, sitting on the counter downstairs, and I am trying to resist them. Which means, I am wandering around aimlessly trying not to think about that.

Also...Snap! Crackle! and Pop! are weird looking on the box of Rice Krispies I bought last night. Creep in fact. Are they weird looking on American boxes too?

I just signed up for another writing class and I am very excited for it to start.

I have to get some film this week. I have to get some film this week. I have to get some film this week. I have to get some film this week. It is still incredibly beautiful here right now. All the trees are in full bloom and I have never seen so many trees with so many pretty colors of flowers. For being such a dry, scorched country, there are so many colorful flowers all the time. It's weird. And, my tulips are blooming and oh so pretty.

Stuck my foot in the pool today and was able to hold it in there for over a minute before it turned numb. This means that in a month we will be able to swim. I am getting antsy for that. I am going to swim and be outside like mad for the next couple months until it gets too hot.

I have to go eat another treat now.


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