2006-03-06 - 11:37 p.m.

Today I made three crayons in the crayon maker someone sent us for Christmas. Three crayons took twenty minutes. That is kind of stupid. Tomorrow I am going to experiment with lipstick.

Also. I made paper flowers and started taping them to the walls. By the time Boy comes home in a couple weeks the house will be a garden.

I can't help it...I can't paint the walls so I must cover up the parts I want to paint.

Also. I think I am sick. My legs are doing their, "your body is trying to tell you are sick so we are going to hurt like a son of a mother fucking bitch for no apparent reason," thing. (However, my legs COULD hurt because yesterday I dropped an iron bar on my foot and ran around in hobble mode for a couple hours screaming bloody murder.)

Tomorrow, if I am not in bed all day dying, I am making homemade macaroni and cheese. I learned a secret from my mother today about it. BUTTER the bread before you put it on top of the noodles. And, garlic salt. I always made croutons BEFORE and put them on top of the mother puts raw bread on top...makes much more sense.

I like macaroni and cheese. I would like to have Morningstar Farms breakfast patties with it though.

Since I have come home I say, "well, I'd be all set if I had Morningstar Farms breakfast patties," about everything. And it's true.

Sometimes I can't wait to move back to the U.S., I get my bed and my fucking patties.

That is all.


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