2006-03-06 - 1:48 p.m.

Right now I am slow simmering a big hunk of meat. I've been gagging for the last hour every time I go near the kitchen. Why am I slow simmering a big hunk of meat? For my cat. That's right, I won't cook meat for my husband but I will cook it for my cat. Kitty needs it though. He had to go back to the vet today because his mouth started doing it's rot thing. That's why I am cooking a big hunk of meat for him. Because he can't eat regular cat food and since I don't want him to do that thing where he doesn't eat for a couple days and sends his liver into shut down mode again...I want to entice him to eat as much as he can. And a big hunk of meat will do that. Already he has had two bowls of cooking meat juice. Grooooosssss.

Things are stressful here these days. Everything is very uncertain, things have been very uncertain for a long time but now they are even worse because that evil company Eric works for just went into Chapter 11. Argh. Part of me thinks the best thing to do is to just sit here and wait to see how everything pans out...another part of me, when things get really bad, crumples and just wants to be sent back to the U.S. where at least I could work. But I am really not ready to go back yet. And also, I think that we will be better off staying here. Imagine if some European company buys Eric's division and they want to keep everything exactly the same as it is now and we can finally settle into living here. Part of my problem in getting comfortable here has been the fact that it was only a few months after we moved here that the company started doing crappy things, like putting Eric's division up for sale and cutting things. Instead of finally getting off the edge of my seat (which is what I was most looking forward to with this move) I was settled more precariously on that very edge I was looking forward to getting off of. ANYWAY. Needless to say, Boy has been very stressed out and it doesn't help when my cats act like assholes or when I get P.M.S. and can't even speak English correctly and therefore refuse to go to the vet alone.

Yesterday we had a nice day though. Neither of us got out of our pajamas and we ate food all day, little snacks, while watching movies.

Eric is going to the U.S. on Friday. I am sad. But glad, he needs to go to the doctor and figure out why he keeps getting bronchitis. will be good for him to get away from here. Everything about here. Not just the cats. Everything. (by the way, Eric doesn't hate the cats too much, he was the one that insisted on the meat for Squishy Cat, also, yesterday I heard him upstairs talking to someone and I couldn't figure out what he was doing until I realized he was talking to the cats.)

ANYWAY....I planted seeds a few days ago, for herbs and for tomatoes. I will not let the snails devour them this year. I WILL NOT. I planted everything in pots so that, if need be, I can move them far away from the snails.

I hate the game UNO.

And. The pool is very very close to being warm enough for swimming. YAY!!!!! POOL!!!!!



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