2006-03-02 - 3:32 p.m.

Here's what I think...I don't think anyone should get married in the summer or fall, well, unless they were already living together. revise that, I don't think anyone should start living together in the summer or fall. It's too stressful and not a god way to start things out. Like Eric and I...we moved in with one another in May and by the time we had settled into the thought of living together it was a fucking oven here...crazy hot...we couldn't even hold hands for two seconds without being more miserable hot. That is not a good way to start out living together. Also...had we started living with one another in the Fall we would have immediately been into winter and lack of light and all that comes with that.

But spring. Yes, spring.

We should have moved here last February. Instead of in May. Maybe I wouldn't have hated Spain so much if me first months here would have been in the Spring. My relationship with my husband survived summer and winter...but my relationship with this country did not.

It has been fantastic here since I returned from Michigan...the ultimate perfect weather. Euphoria of spring. It makes me want to be here, makes me want to learn the language, makes me want to laugh and talk to people. Spring is good.

This afternoon the cats and I sat by the pool, I read a magazine and drank a big mug of mocha while the cats sunned themselves next to me. I missed this. It wasn't too hot to sit out there comfortable and it wasn't too cold. It was perfect. I brushed away the shedding winter hair from the cats and I guess I kind of brushed winter away from me too.

I can start this all over.


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