2006-02-06 - 12:03 a.m.

I have to leave for the airport in four hours. I think I might try to take a little nap before I go. Sleep for an hour or so. That would be good since I will be going and going with the travel crap from 4:30 am until I arrive in Kalamazoo TWENTY HOURS LATER. For gods sake. I don't know how this was all scheduled. It is stupid. I will be a wreck. I don't want to go at all now. Not at all. My mother and my brothers should just come here and bring with them cheap t-shirts and belts from winter clearance shit.

I also have a rash on my arms. I shouldn't be in airports if I have a rash...should I?

Anyway...I'm not sure anyone ever visits me here at if you do, I will most likely be gone for a few weeks. Maybe not never know.

Michigan. Here I come.

Oh, also, I was able to pick up some shifts at my old job and I am irrationally excited about this.



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