2005-12-23 - 12:29 p.m.

Last night I made Christmas cookies (though they aren't the typical Christmas cookies I would have made back in the U.S. because I had a problem finding ingredients for those kind of cookies (like decorations and things that make Christmas cookies Christmasy) I made peanut butter cookies, amaretti and brownies)to take to my vet and for Eric to take to work and for taking to Christmas Eve dinner. Making Christmas cookies made me happy.

And while I was making them I played Christmas music and made a pot of Gluhwein. Gluhwein was what we drank at the Christmas market in Vienna. I'm not sure if it really tastes good and festive or if it just tastes that way because both times I have had it I was in a festive, good mood. Anyway, you should all make Gluhwein and sip it from mugs while doing holiday shit. Here is the recipe. One pint of red wine (600 mL), 3 oz. brown sugar, 2 cinnamon sticks, one lemon studded with cloves, 1/4 pint brandy (except I used less and for MY Gluhwein I used amaretto because I don't drink brandy though I did taste Eric's brandy version and it was pretty good). Put all of this in a pot and heat it on high heat until it is hot. Then strain it and pour it in mugs and drink. I suggest using a not strong tasting red wine and I also pierced the lemon to get more lemon flavor in there. Also...being an American I have no idea how much 1 pint is or 3 oz...(unless I am looking at a pint of liquor or a shot glass) I just kind of guessed. You can guess too.

Anyway, make it. Turn on your Christmas lights, put some music on and wrap your last presents while sipping Gluhwein. It's fun. And festive.

I am very nervous about bringing cookies to my vet. Usually when I go in there I have my script memorized and I have gotten used to the things they say to me so I can understand most everything. But bringing cookies in there will be different...they are surely going to start talking with words I don't know. And I am going to freak out. I'm going to try not freaking out. But I will.

Yesterday I made it to one of those grocery stores that is confusing to get to. And I did it with no problem. Just like I have always been driving to and from that grocery store. This is good. That opens up options. Also...I went and picked Eric up from work for the first time. That also opens up options. Now it will be easy for me to keep the car during the day sometimes and get the grocery shopping done, go for a daytime walk on the beach...whatever. It still doesn't cure that need I have for absolute freedom that having my own car would give me. But it does take care of that helpless feeling I was starting to be overwhelmed by. I, of course, still want my own car...but maybe it's not so pressing now. Maybe. Wait...come to think about it, it's still pressing.



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