2005-12-20 - 3:50 p.m.

Today was fantastically beautiful...(though I would still be out of my mind happy if it just decided to uncharacteristically SNOW right now!)...and I went for a walk. I thought, I THOUGHT, that maybe if I walked around Sant Pere, gave it a good shot instead of just passing through here and there to go to the gym or get movies, I THOUGHT that maybe I would like it better there. But no. I don't. It's nice to walk around but not exactly peaceful even though there is nothing going on and nothing is ever open (or so it seems due to siesta shit). Anyway, I will start walking again in the afternoons, like I used to do back home. It's good for my soul. Even if the place I have to walk around is kind of shit hole. Eric and I need to start spending some more time down there, in Sant Pere. It's the only place with walk to access from our house. And they have pizza places down there, and bars.

Anyway...I still might get a car. I am trying not to get excited about it...but this morning when Eric sent a copy of his ID to the bank guy so they could get the loan shit started I almost fell out of my chair in a faint of excitement. I don't even care if the car I get is an eighty year old heap of barely running shit. Well, I do care because I have plans for a car and part of the plan involves making me mobile. So it does kind of need to run. But my original desire to get a super cool convertible is now completely overshadowed by my desire to have SOMETHING, ANYTHING to make me feel like a normal person again. And mobility would do that.

When I got home from my walk I was oddly NOT greeted at the door by ANY cat at all. This is strange because ONE...Bubba lives by the door waiting to go out and a household of six cats it is unlikely that you will be anywhere without the presence of at least one cat. But there weren't any and even after I called out to them there still weren't any and I got scared that they had all died from poison or something and I ran upstairs and found them all in a pile fast asleep on the bed. They are all still there. Apparently they don't care that today is fantastically beautiful.


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