2005-12-04 - 12:55 a.m.

All know the drill...I'm getting on an airplane in less than twelve hours and I have been frantic for the last eight hours getting shit together. So...if I die in a fiery plane crash...this is what needs to be done.

Alex will call you, Mother, and tell you that my cats need help. You must organize. I used to have Z. in charge of this but I have momentarily lost his phone number and therefore have to leave yours in case of emergency. I don't like doing that but you will just have to deal with it. You will have to call Clay at Animal Ark in Illinois and get him to get my cats back to the U.S. as soon as possible. It would be good to send someone here as soon as possible to take care of the cats until they can be sent home.

Squishy Cat needs to go to the vet on Thursday. It is very important that he goes to the vet on Thursday.

If it happens that the cats must be split up in order to have good homes please make sure that Squish and Smudge are together. The best thing would be Squish, Smudge, Bubba and Smitten in one home (where Bubba can come inside and outside as much as he wants) and Bear and Fish can be independent if need be. My ideal home for Fish is Eric's aunt Fran. She doesn't want a cat but Fish is her exact twin and it would be a perfect match. Bear needs someone he can cuddle with constantly. They all do really, but especially Bear and Squish.

That is all. I have nothing to leave anyone in any will or anything like that. I just want my cats to be happy. My cats must be happy. They eat Science Diet Chicken formula but I've been thinking about changing that to another Science Diet formula because they are all getting on in years. They like cat nip. And they eat wet cat food once or twice a day as a treat. Their bowl of dry food stays out all the time.

I am crazy.

I know this.

I can't help it.

I could have written this e-mail directly to my mother and not presented myself to the public as this crazy person...but I wanted as many people as possible to read that as many people as possible could help take care of my cats. I love my cats. Please take care of my cats if I die.

I hate airplanes and I will never get another cat or pet or anything as long as I do live. Because it just hurts.

Vienna will be cool though.

And my husband made me a birthday cake entirely from scratch.

He is cool too.


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