2005-11-29 - 4:48 p.m.

It makes me rather nervous that I have a candle burning RIGHT NEXT to the smoke alarm and the smoke alarm is not doing anything but sitting there nicely. Shouldn't it be screaming at me?? There is a burning FLAME an inch away from it. FLAME! BURNING!

I have to go to the vet now. For the second time today. This is annoying. Back where I come from there are parking lots for places like vets. Here I have to walk a mile to get from parking to the vet. That sucks. I already did it once today carrying a 25 pound bag of cat food. Now I have to do it again, both ways, carrying a 12 pound meowing cat. Argh. Parking lots=easy life.

It is very possible that when I am in Vienna next week there will be snow. I just looked at the weather forcast and it is wonderfully cold there. That is so exciting. Also...I got a fantastic ugly Mexican circle skirt with all sorts of sparkles on it and I am going to wear that, with my big ugly coat, to the opera and I just can't wait. I love my ugly clothes. My husband is getting more and more perplexed by my clothing and that just makes me want uglier, cheaper clothes. He's funny. He doesn't understand.

Right now I am wasting time because I don't want to be too early for my appointment, that would mean old Spanish ladies with tiny, tiny yip yap dogs would have time to try to chat with me. And I can't chat. And neither can Squishy Cat.

I think it's safe to go now.


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