2005-10-31 - 5:59 p.m.

Everyone can congratulate me now. As of midnight tonight I have officially finished Fiction One of the Gotham Writers Workshop. Now...this might not SEEM like a huge deal to anyone...but it's the first time I have finished a class in a really, really long time.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving the house early and driving to the airport to get my BOY. He arrives at 9:30 in the morning and I don't feel like dealing with traffic at that time so I am leaving the house at 7:45. I plan to have breakfast and coffee at the airport while scrawling huge notes in my notebook about my future novel, "Dear Sylvester Stallone". It is REALLY nice that BOY is coming home in the morning for once. We can get home and crawl right back into bed and sleep for a couple hours and then get up and have breakfast and coffee (it will be my second breakfast but oh well) just like we do on the weekends when we don't get up and around until afternoon. He better not even think about going to the office for even one second tomorrow. Tomorrow night we can have veggie burgers with A-1!!!! (he's bringing back a bottle of it, you can't get it here but you can get Heinz ketchup and I think that is stupid because A-1 is something you just can't replicate...ketchup, for the most part, is ketchup) and we are going to watch new movies that he bought (because it takes a long long time for movies to ever get here for rental...a LONG TIME...)and I will light my Yankee Candles and OH GOD IT WILL BE GREAT!!!!

Tomorrow starts National Novel Writing Month. I'm itching to get started. I set up a desk in my bedroom because the last half of November is going to find my house full of people and I will need a place to go to write. The bedroom is also where the cats hide when there are people here. So it will be me and my cats writing our novel. How perfect. And Eric can once in a while bring me up a glass of wine and leave it outside the door.

There was a beautiful rainbow here today. It was stunning. The most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. And, if my camera hadn't been with Eric in Michigan I would have taken lots of pictures of it.



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