2005-10-26 - 2:44 p.m.

Today while I was walking on the beach that wino guy that raspberried me a couple weeks ago blew me kisses. He caught me off guard as he was sprawled out under some bushes and I didn't see him until I heard him making the Mmahhh sounds while blowing me kisses. Then he started shouting something incoherent at me but he was still blowing kisses so I don't think he was saying bad things. He's funny.

This morning I had to deliver piles of mail to various neighbors. I feel really bad about it because number one...I've had this pile of mail for about a week now and I kept forgetting to deliver it to the proper addresses. And two...I'm just shoving the mail in their mail slots and I, for some reason, feel as though I should be knocking on the doors and explaining to them that we keep getting all the mail (if we are so lucky to get any mail at all) for the street. I also want to find out which neighbor was lucky enough to receive my Joyce Carol Oates book that was supposed to have arrived weeks ago. I kinda really needed that book. For class. Anyway, I feel bad shoving the mail in the slots but there is no way I would ever be able to tell these people in any clear way what I am trying to know, because I barely know any Spanish. Still. I still barely know any Spanish and since I failed myself on my task (which was to learn on my own since the classes weren't doing the job)I should be going back to those dreaded classes now. But...due to recent developments...I think that would be pretty stupid.

Isn't anyone curious what this recent development is??? I am going to attempt to make a tofu turkey like thing. Basically it's tofu seasoned and molded into a form and stuffed with stuffing and baked for hours and hours. I hope it turns out okay because I really need to find a main dish for our Thanksgiving dinner. I am really, really going to miss the Worthington Fri-chick with gravy...but hopefully teh tofu thing will be just as long as I have the gravy seasoned with sage and garlic I think it will be just fine. I am getting kind of excited about Thanksgiving...I am still, of course, a little freaked out thinking about five guests staying over for days and days and probably having more guests for Thanksgiving itself...I like my space, we all know I like my space...but I think this will be fun and, it will force me to get out more and see things.

Next weekend, after Eric gets back, we are going back to Barcelona to attempt a successful DAY trip there. The last time turned to shit and I was more let down than I let on. I just want to find things, be overwhelmed with newness, excited by stupid little things like beads and second hand skirts and books. I found a big market on the Rambla de Raval that I am itching to explore. They have lots of second hand clothes and handmade shit and I'll bet that I can find pretty sparkly beads too and I can get to making some more jewelry. That would be good. Also, I found THREE L'Occitane stores in Barcelona and I can't wait to go!! I love L'Occitane even though I usually can't bear to spend money in there because everything is too expensive. Though I will say, worth it. Eric has this incense that he bought there like four years ago and he never used it and lately I have been using it and it is the most perfect incense in the world, after four years it still retains a stronger smell than brand new incense. And it isn't choking like other incense. Usually I don't like burning incense because it chokes me. But this stuff just releases a really nice fragrance.'s $16 per tube of 40 sticks. That's just too much. But...worth it if you can bear to spend $16 on incense. Which I probably can't. Mostly though I just want to go there to smell things and put samples of all their creams on my skin. They also have the best hand cream EVER. But it's like $40 or something ridiculous like that and I am not allowed to buy it because once, a couple years ago, I finally broke down and bought a tube of it and it was a HUGE expenditure for me and I felt guilty and excited about it at the same time and...I left the fucking bag under the table of the restaurant we ate dinner at and never even got to use a smidge of the cream. So I am not allowed to ever get it again because that was very irresponsible of me to leave it under the table.

I must get away from this computer now.


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