2005-10-24 - 12:33 p.m.

It's been a long time since I have been bidding on anything on E-Bay...wait, I bought my Dansko sandles there last year...but that was just one thing. (and F.Y.I. those Dansko sandles that I got on E-Bay for $70 less than they retail for have been on my feet every single day since I got them. It was the most fantastic purchase I have ever made.) Anyway, I am bidding right now (or I was) on two dresses and two pairs of Dansko's. Last night there was 24 minutes left in one auction for this really pretty vintage sundress and I was winning AND I had been the ONLY bidder in the whole six days. So I went downstairs and made some tea (I got this delightful cinnamon, ginger tea last week, it is so strong with cinnamon that the whole kitchen smells like cinnamon)and then I dinked around for a minute and came back upstairs and it was one minute after the auction ended and some BEE-OTCH outbid me!!!! DAMN!! I forgot how sneaky these E-Bay people are. I'll have to keep a close watch on my other dress because if I don't get that one I will DIE. I will seriously think about it for the rest of my life it is that perfect. And of course...I think it is that perfect and so that means that when it arrives here I will think it not so perfect...but we will see.

I also have to figure out where to have the dress sent. We have a SERIOUS mail problem here. We don't ever get mail. And when we do it is all trampled on, muddy, sodden. The other day Eric told me we should put our names on the door so I made a sign and put it on the door and within an hour we had this huge pile of mail, most of which wasn't ours. This is the problem...our house is 38. The house next to us, for some inexplicable reason, is also 38 except they have 38A, 38B and 38C. I can only assume that they get our mail because we are always (or I should say, sometimes because it is a rare week that any mail finds it's way into our door) getting all the mail for A, B and C. Also...yesterday I noticed a piece of paper under our gate door and I went to see what it was and it was our three week old phone bill that we never got. And it was, of course, muddy, trampled, sodden and very far away from the actual place where mail is supposed to go. One time when we got home our mail was simply sitting on the sidewalk in front of the house. It's really crazy. So I don't really know where to send the dress because I couldn't bear it if it got lost. Already I have lost a book that was supposed to have been here (for one of my classes)over a week ago. And who knows what else. It's a bad sign when within my first week here a piece of my mail was delivered to the way wrong address and fortunately the man to whom it was delivered brought it to me. We were thinking about getting a PO Box...but due to certain circumstances that I am still not discussing, we can't do that now.

I had a really bad dream last night. It was horrible and it made me wake up really really sad. I hate it when that happens.

There was a cat in my yard this morning and I had to chase him/her out because my cats were trying to attack it and I felt REALLY REALLY bad about chasing him/her out of the yard because it seems like a sweet cat and I hated that I was scaring it. (of course, my idea of chasing a cat out is saying, "Kitty, you can't be here, now shoo...go on kitty, please shooo..." in a tiny baby talk voice. That cat is going to come back and next time it isn't going to be scared of me because I was so NOT scary this time and the only thing I had going for me was the fact that I am a stranger to this cat. Now that I am not a stranger he/she is never going to leave. Ugh. At least I know this one has a home and is well fed. There is no danger of me ending up with another cat. I PROMISE ERIC I PROMISE!!!

So that's it. Yesterday I rearranged some more furniture and I think I finally have this house near as perfect in set up as I can get it. We have too much furniture. This house came furnished, fully furnished AND we had all of Eric's furniture from his apartment. So, it's rather full in here. We put some stuff in the garage, whoever furnished this place was big into the decorative items like chairs that you can't sit in and shit like that. So I got rid of all things unusable. I hate having unusable shit in the house. There is a little TV in our bedroom that is hooked up to German satellite and I feel guilty unhooking it and getting rid of the TV but WE HAVE NEVER USED IT. So why should I keep it there? WHY? I can't stand TV in bedrooms. I am getting rid of it. Anyway, I kind of have to now because I took the table that it was sitting on away so I could move a desk in for myself BECAUSE November is National Novel Writing Month and I am SIGNED UP and I am going to DO IT. And we have guests for the last half of November so I will have to go to the bedroom to write because there will be too much distraction everywhere else in the house.



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