2005-10-23 - 1:18 p.m.

My cat, Bear, goes fucking insane crazy over nail files. He wants to EAT them...right now he is attacking one on my desk and desperately trying to figure out how to eat it. It is really funny.

I woke up at 12:30 this afternoon. And I feel like a sloth because of it. And that is funny because my normal wakeup time is 11:45. Seriously, that is what time I naturally wake up every morning. And that is only 45 minutes earlier than I woke up today and so why does that extra forty five minutes of sleep I got make me feel like a lazy sloth? Is it because I woke up in the afternoon and not the morning?

I cut my own hair this morning. I got out of bed and walked directly to the bathroom and started cutting my hair. I didn't even think about it. That is very strange behavior. I have not had my hair cut in six months. I have not had my eyebrows waxed in six months. My eyebrows are almost back to their normal, thick selves and I actually think I might like it...the natural eyebrow Whisper. I wasn't always an eyebrow waxer. In highschool I hated my eyebrows and once I even shaved part of them off in desperation to get rid of them and I hadn't learned how to properly use tweezers yet. I looked like a fucking idiot. Actually, I think I took a razor to them a lot more than just once. Then I started using tweezers and I was really, really bad at it and my eyebrows were always lopsided, crooked, one bigger than the other. My ex boyfriend HATED it when I tweezed my eyebrows. He liked (and still likes I assume) big, thick, natural eyebrows. Denise Richards is his dream girl. He swoons over her eyebrows. So...for a time I stopped tweezing my brows, for him and then one time I got really pissed at him for something and I went and had my eyebrows waxed for the first time and I LOVED IT...I LOVED HOW PERFECT THEY LOOKED. So from then on I had my eyebrows waxed every six weeks or so. That habit got me into the habit of getting my hair trimmed every six weeks also. So for the last seven years or so I have been getting my hair cut and eyebrows waxed every six weeks. And that's a hard, hard habit to break. But here I am...with a ton of split ends and crazy eyebrows and I really think I am okay with it. I am going to try to resist ever getting my eyebrows waxed again. It's actually really nice to not have to worry about them.

Eric arrived safe and sound and happy in the States last night. He got to watch recent movies on the plane. I'm not bitching about the fact that Spain is REALLY far behind on their movies because they have their own movies and that is cool that their recent releases include Hellboy because they don't HAVE to be up to date on American is NICE when the opportunity to catch up on recent movie releases presents itself. It made Eric very happy. boy had a fifteen hour travel day, THEN drove three hours from the airport to Muskegon and went directly to his cousins house and started the party. He called me at four in the morning there and the party was still raging. I don't know how he does it.

I am bidding on a dress from the 50's right now on E-bay. It is the most fabulously ugly wonderful cool dress in the world and I CANNOT wait to wear it. I have to find a pair of cool shoes to wear with it though. I would like a pair of sexy, curvy pumps to wear with it...but that presents a problem because I won't wear clicky shoes. And it's hard to find a pair of non clicky pumps. I used to have a pair and actually I bought four pairs of them when I found them...but they were for work (back when I worked in a restaurant where we had to wear nice clothes)and I ruined them all from wear and spilled alcohol and food. I should have bought five pairs of them. Oh!! I can't wait to get that dress. NO ONE can outbid me!! I am prepared to spend the entire sum of my bank account (a whopping $38) on this dress!!! YES I AM!!!

All right, I have to go now, I have things to do, leave me alone.


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