2005-10-17 - 3:31 p.m.

This is the list of stuff I am having my husband bring back with him from the U.S. in a couple weeks.

From Meijer (OH!!!! MEIJER!!!!)
Sinus Tylenol
McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning (yes, it's full of MSG and no, I don't use it for steak, obviously...but it is REALLY REALLY good on Sunday morning homefries)
Black and yellow mustard seeds
Dark brown sugar

From the health food store (Sawalls)
Burt's Bees concealing cream and vanishing powder. And if he must get excessive (which he does) any other Burt's Bees product he feels like hauling back.
Auromere toothpaste. Mint.
Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap.
Also...MAYBE (but I am still thinking about it because sometimes I think it is better to not tease myself with little bits and I should just suffer until such time as I can have it all the time)Organic Love Buzz coffee.

YANKEE CANDLES. In cinnamon, buttercream, clean cotton and some other fragrances that I will look up and choose later.

From World Market
Knorr Pesto mix. This is simply the best because you don't have to use oil to make it taste good (even though the directions tell you to make it with oil). I COULD make oil-less pesto from scratch...but why should I when Knorr makes one just as good?

From Bacchus (the wine shop)
LaCantina Red Wine Marinade. This has been my salad dressing of choice for about ten years now. I brought six bottles with me and I am down to half a bottle now.
Those caramels that I love. I can't remember the name of them now.

And that's it. I also have a bunch of stuff I want from bookstores but I CAN get them here for a shipping fee. But sometimes a shipping fee is better than making your travel tired husband lug back suitcases full of stuff.


I decided last night that I am going to start wearing nightgowns to bed again. I am getting tired of the sweatpants and torn t-shirt thing that has been going on for years and years now. I also would like to get a silk robe. A long silk robe. When my mom had cancer we went out (me and my dad and my brother) and bought her this beautiful long silk robe (and matching nightgown) and I used to love wearing that stupid thing around...I wish I had one just like it now. It was so pretty. It was so pretty that I remember everything about buying it and I couldn't have been more than six years old at the time. Anyway...I am going to get a silk robe.



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