2005-10-10 - 11:02 p.m.

Anyway...I am finally feeling a bit better. Probably because I got over some hurdles in my writing classes...hurdles being, homework and the like which was hard for me since I was quite down on myself this week...being down on oneself doesn't translate well into being productive with homework quality writing. Does it?

Today, in the midst of my homework crisis, I went to town. You know of course after that last entry I got to feeling guilty about how much I am crapping on I went out to make sure I was getting this right. And yeah, I am. At least for me. I still don't like it here. Mostly though I went out because I needed to order my cat food. I also wanted to make an appointment for Squishy Cat...but as you will find out, I did not. Anyway, I am getting good at ordering the cat food, today I think I managed to say my lines in an easy, casual way...I even smiled and said please (which is something I forget when I am too busy trying to remember other words)...BUT THEN THE DREADED!!! The receptionist at the vet WENT OFF THE SCRIPT!!! I hung in there though...I only understood a third of a third of what she was saying but I managed to catch the drift...Wednesday is another god forsaken fiesta here and so I can't get the cat food until Thursday...and I was able to say, "SI, SI, SI!!" all the while nodding my head like a madwoman. Es bueno! Fuck. So anyway, after that whole deal I forgot all my words for making the appointment and just decided to make it when I pick up the cat food. Maybe my crutch will be with me then.

So then walking back to the beach, a skirt, a lovely, lovely skirt beckoned me from the window of a little shop and I went in to buy it, because I couldn't resist it and the last time I saw a beautiful skirt there I resisted and then I went back to get it a few days later (after I couldn't stop thinking about it) and it was GONE!! So this one I was going to buy, immediately. I walked in the store and it reeked like weed. And the two salesgirls were giggling like crazy and talking so fast I couldn't even decide whether or not they were speaking Spanish...anyway, I bought the skirt. I was happy. Then I stopped and bought a Scientific American and sat in the bathtub reading it until it was a soggy mess. That was fantastic. At least I can get magazines!! WHOO HOO!!

OHHHHH...and I got raspberried by a drunken vagabond...!! I did!! Am I using that term "raspberried" correctly because once I said it it didn't sound know, when someone sticks their tongue out and blows around the edges of it so it makes that disgusting sound and usually one would also see someone doing this with their thumbs stuck in their ears and their fingers wiggling??? That's a raspberry, isn't it??? Well, that's what happened. When I was walking to the vet I saw this guy up ahead of me. He usually sits on the sidewalk by this restaurant on a sidestreet with a pile of cigarette butts in front of him and a bottle of wine in his hand. A wino. Right. But today he was in the middle of the boardwalk, with his bottle of wine in hand, dancing around and yelling at people that walked by. Since I would rather avoid this kind of thing I had already planned to veer off before I reached him but he saw me before I could veer off and he started oh la la laing me...those were the words he was using, oh la la, and shaking his hand in that way that says something is hot...oh god, must I describe another stupid gesture??? No, I won't if you don't know that hand gesture then too bad but Eric's friend Fabien does it when he talks about a hot girl and he lets his tongue hang from the side of his mouth while he makes panting noises...if you knew Fabien you would know what I was talking about. So I veered. I kind of tilted my head at him, smiled a "sorry buddy, I am veering," look (what?? You don't know that one either??) and I veered. So...walking back he was back in his usual spot and he saw me coming down the road and he stood up, put his hands on his hips and raspberried me as I walked by. It was fantastic. For some reason, as weirdly scary as wino, vagabonds are...I like this guy. I don't know why. Maybe it's the bottle of wine he drinks straight from, or the pile of cigarette butts in front of him that he keeps rather neatly ordered. Or maybe it's the raspberry.


Sleeping now.


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