2005-09-27 - 12:39 p.m.

Dear Mother,

Last night I went outside to get the laundry off the line and it was dark and the outside light is burned out so I couldn’t see anything. I also wasn’t wearing any shoes. And I stepped on a slug and it gooshed up between my toes. (Incidentally, I don't think I killed it because this morning it wasn't on the sidewalk where it had been last night after it's ride through my toes.) And I was grossed out, totally, but I was laughing too hard to be that grossed out because it had occurred to me that if you had stepped on a slug you would probably have to be hospitalized. Remember when Fat Kid made you that thing in Art class that was covered with clay slugs? Wait, was that Fat Kid or Zach? Remember when Zach and I used to put band-aids on the windows to gross you out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We were bad kids.

Your daughter.


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