2005-09-19 - 10:25 p.m.

I did, indeed, change the color. You are not going crazy. I don't particularly like my new color either. Just like the elusive food or drink I am craving all day today that I can't put my finger, or mouth, on...I had a craving to change the color of my diary last night. But I can't figure out what color it is that is desired.

Today I took one of the worst walks of my life. It was terrible. I walked to town to return the terrible movie we rented last night and by the time I got back I was literally about to throw up from the diesel fumes. Walking alongside a highway, in Europe, is not good. And it was LOUD. Miserable walk and I had set out thinking it was going to be perfect. That's what I get.

Otherwise...the weather is fantastic right now! I can breathe and I am very very happy and all six cats slept on the bed last night and we all know that makes me just about the happiest I can be. Right now I am wearing bundles of clothes AND slippers and I am drinking hot chocolate. Well, heated up milk with chocolate syrup...if that counts.

Sadly I believe that pool season may be over. Not because it won't be warm enough to swim again this year (because it still gets really hot if you are in the sun) but because we had another storm and more worms found way into the pool and I lack the energy to get them out of the pool so they have been marinating for a few days now. I had been thinking that it would be okay because the pool guy would come and get the worms out and clean the filters and put more chlorine in...just like he has done (except for getting the worms out, this would be his worm first)since May. But I didn't see him last week at all and I noticed today that the pump is only going for about half an hour a day, where it was running for about eight hours a day. So I think the pool guy is now on Winter schedule which means he will only come by once a month to check on things so we don't end up with green slime like we did in the spring. So...that is why pool season is over...because there is no way I am going swimming in worm juice.

That is all.


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