2005-09-12 - 9:25 p.m.

I am very cool.

Today I went to the vet and I ordered my cat food all by myself and except for the moment when my sunglasses fell off my head and I responded with an expletive that seemed to confound the receptionist, I did just fine. I didn't have to repeat myself and no one looked confused (except for the sunglass thing) and I even managed to respond correctly when asked if it was okay that the cat food would arrive on Wednesday.

Then I went to the health food store but that isn't such a big deal because I have been there before by myself. But this time I think I made the woman laugh and that was cool. Maybe she wasn't laughing at me, but I think she was since I was the only person in there and I had just done something stupidly funny. Also...I am happy because I was out of my toothpaste and was using Colgate Chemical crap and it was totally destroying my gums and my toothpaste appears to only be available in the States so today I took a chance and bought some toothpaste at the health food store and I was certain it was going to be AWFUL because most toothpaste from health food stores is (except the one I buy in the States) but oh man, this toothpaste is better than the one I buy in the States and that is fantastic because until now the only things that I have thought better here were the wine and the fact that saffron is really, super cheap...oh, and supermarket tomatoes. Those are always really good and they were always really good in France too. I don't know what they do different but the tomatoes in Europe are pretty darn close to the tomatoes I grow in my own garden. So yeah, and now there is the toothpaste. But I think I will probably be able to get that in the States as well because it was all in English. And not fancy English like England English either. It is plain old American English.


I am celebrating my courage tonight. I rented two chick flicks and opened a bottle of good French wine and made delicious vegetarian paella for dinner.

I am cool.


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