2005-09-07 - 6:15 p.m.


On Sunday we finally broke down and decided to water the lawn. This is something we have not done (unless you count my few futile sprinklings when I got feeling guilty about the poor grass burning up) since we moved here. It was pretty much discussed and decided that watering our massive (by European standards) expanse of yard during drought conditions would just be a shitty thing to do. Since I have moved here it has rained twice. And not even real rain, just trickles and once it was that red rain, the dirt rain.

So on Sunday we finally watered it. We decided that we would just soak it and would soak it for the rest of the week to bring it back to life. This is, afterall, not our house and it would also be shitty if we returned this house at the end of our years here with a massive expanse of dry, cracked dirt where there was once lush, thick grass.

It would have been dumb to try to bring it back to life in July or August because it was a furnace here, a very, very dry furnace.

Sunday we soaked it. Monday when we woke up it was raining Light rain. Comfortable rain. It has been raining like that, off and on until today. Today we are getting monsoons! YES! It's beautiful...big, wide sweeping sheets of heavy rain and wind that shrieks and THUNDER!! This is, however, my first experience with big rain here and I just walked upstairs to find a total flood. One room has a pool of water on the floor because the window was open and the sheets of rain were blowing directly in the room. The bed is soaked (and how do you dry a mattress?)and the curtains had blown right off the window and were in a puddle of water on the floor. I laughed and started to clean it all up. And then I looked in our office. I had closed the window in here because the wind was making all the doors slam shut. But when I walked in here the floor was all wet anyway and computer was wet. I couldn't figure out how this was happening until I realized that there is a window up there, at ceiling level and it is leaking. Right now I have towels jammed in and it is still leaking.

I am taking my computer out of here.

This is all exciting. But please rain and big sheets of wind...leave off tomorrow...go away and don't come back until my darling boy has landed safely.


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