2005-08-27 - 8:27 p.m.

Dear Diary,

I have to write a story for my writing class and it is due on Tuesday. So far I have written this line...

We were drinking forties and smoking cheap cigarettes that night.

I wrote that line a really long time ago and I've been dying to use it. But so far I have nothing, nothing at all comes to me using that line. Which isn't normally a problem, just move on to the next thing...but somehow I set my mind to only being able to write a story if that was the first line. I suck. And now I'm in such a panic about having to get this story written that I am too freaked out to even sit still for five seconds to write a story.

And I have to make sure this story is good, real good, because I got all literary and lippy in our class discussion and I can't very well just turn in crap now because that would make me look really, really bad.



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