2005-08-21 - 12:03 a.m.

I don’t wash my hair every day because….

I am too scared to go to the salon to get my hair cut…first of all because I wouldn’t even know how to make an appointment (okay, so I could make an appointment but things are never that simple…I will go in there and tell them I want to make an appointment and they will inevitably start asking me things that I have not rehearsed and everything will get confused and stupid and well….IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST GO BY THE SCRIPT!)…and second because there is no way the stylist wouldn’t talk to me the entire time I was sitting there and I would have no idea what she/he was saying and I would get all freaked out and flushed and I would probably have a panic attack right there. So. I have to take really good care of my hair until I can get enough courage to get it cut…or until May time when I am going back to Michigan for a couple weeks.

I have to conserve my shampoo and conditioner. I brought a years supply with me. But I didn’t bring it all in one shot. It got here in small loads. There is no way someone could bring a years supply of shampoo and conditioner in one load. And since I am only planning to go home once next year I have to make sure to only use as much shampoo and conditioner as I can bring back with me next year.

I used to be an every day hair washer. Back when I worked in that disgusting restaurant that made hair smell like bacon, five days old, congealed in its own grease at the bottom of a skillet with a little syrup in the house of a chain smoker who keeps an ashtray right next to the stove.

So I get really excited on hair washing day. And I really make it worth every last drop of shampoo. On hair washing day I will get REALLY disgusting. You will not see me working really hard in the garden on a NOT hair washing day. You will not catch me over doing the exercise on a not hair washing day. On hair washing days I will usually clean the house, like nitty gritty cleaning, not just dusting. I will also exercise like a mad woman, sweating all over the place and just getting really gross. Then, in the evening time I will take a really great shower. Lots of soap and water and scrubby gloves…AND, I will wash my hair. I take a bath every day and sometimes I take a shower too, but I only wash my hair a few times a week.

Yesterday was a hair washing day. And I didn’t wash my hair. Because I didn’t think I deserved to. Yesterday I kind of just sat around all day. I was scattered and weird yesterday. Not in a bad mood or anything…I just really didn’t want to do anything and yet I felt as though I should, it being a hair washing day and all. So I just kind of wandered around all day, took a nap and that sort of thing.

So this morning when I woke up my hair was NASTY. And I had A LOT to do today because evil cramps are due at any second which will leave me totally flat out on the couch tomorrow. So today I cleaned the house, did double exercise, finished my gardening projects, did laundry, made yummy soup…everything I could think of so that tomorrow when I am laying on the couch I won’t be thinking about this or that thing that I could be doing. And by seven this evening I was SO ready to take that shower. It was awesome. I remember going to Bluebird Camp (Campfire girls) when I was a kid and we would spend a couple days in tents and sitting next to fires and when I got home I would feel so gross and that bath would be about the best thing I could ever imagine. That’s how good my shower was this evening.

Not to mention that today was a spectacularly beautiful day here. If I had known that it was going to be this beautiful here I never would have complained about that heat and misery. I would have just suffered through it. So having that perfect, beautiful, jasmine scented breeze coming through the bathroom window was just icing on a perfect, perfect cake.

I totally deserved to wash my hair today. I like to feel worthy.

I think my family hates me. They all ignore me. Why is my family trying to forget me??? WHY???? Oh wait…husband is my family now…and he doesn’t ignore me. He loves me.


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