2005-08-14 - 12:19 a.m.


Reminds me of wild rice and my fathers wife.

That one time she made us some rice quiche like thing.

And she put too much nutmeg in it.

So it was like eating spoonfulls of perfume.

It only took my about ten years to start liking nutmeg, in small doses, again.

When I was a kid I used to go to Verna C.'s house, she was an old lady and the mother of the girl who babysat us...I used to make up excuses to go there because she would always give me those circus peanuts. And I can't figure out, to this day, why I did that because I have never, ever liked circus peanuts. Maybe I sold them for cigarettes or something.

One time when I was a kid Misty E. and I found a whole, unopened pack of cigarettes on the sidewalk. They were all soggy and trampled. But we treated them like a treasure. I remember sitting upstairs in the barn (where we always hung out)and waiting for the others to come around so we could show them.

Misty wasn't allowed in the barn very often because we didn't really associate with her and her sisters even though they lived in our neighborhood. I wonder a lot what happened to Misty and her sisters. Her sister Heather was actually really sweet.

My Dad fell out of a tree once after getting stung a billion times by bees from a nest he accidently interrupted. He had to go to the hospital. He probably could have easily died that time. And that scares the fuck out of me even though I currently hate him.

He also fell off a roof. And off a mountain.

I used to love those stupid gelly shoes and I owned a ton of them. I liked them because I liked to CHEW on them.

One time when I was like ten or maybe older, I wet the bed. Only I had been sleeping on the I wet the couch. And it was really strange because I had never wet the bed before.

I remember basically potty training myself. I also remember almost falling into the toilet when I was just a tiny little thing and I kept calling for my mother to help me out and she kept calling back, "I'M ON THE PHONE!"

We didn't eat nutmeg when I was kid.


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