2005-08-05 - 12:11 a.m.

The least you could do...whomever it is that I am addressing this to wait until Sex In (or is it and, I've forgotten and the Spanish translation doesn't really tell me which it is)the City is over before you interrupt my night. My perfect night after a perfect day. Or better could have interrupted and then left BEFORE Sex In/And the City started. Right when the movie I/we watched ended and before Sex In/And the City started. Like when I do my exercise in the afternoon...ten minutes between shows in which I do tedious crap like put laundry away.

Now you can get out of my house and leave me alone because I have had a really nice day and you don't need to be here any more. Go away. All I want right now is quiet, my slight wine buzz, my book, my bath and the darkness. Go away.


Today I made a four hour soup. I always make soup from scratch, but today I got gourmet. And it was fucking good. It's a vegetarian version of some fish soup. With all sorts of stuff cooked in layers. Fennel, orange rind, beans, artichokes...all sorts of things...I am very proud of myself because I have accomplished the layer thing. I remember once when I took a bite of something at Tapawingo (made by gourmet chef dude) and I seriously, for the first time, experienced what it felt like to taste layers. And now I have accomplished that myself. And I am proud. Four hours though...that is a long time to take for making soup.

Tomorrow maybe I will talk about my trip to France. It was only three days long and nothing really happened, but I have so much to describe. I'll leave it at this for one point I was standing in cow shit after having walked back to the farm with a herd of cows and I drank milk, warm and very sweet, squirted directly into my cup immediately after her calf started suckling (and this is how you do it...let the calf drink first so all the organisms a human can't stomach are gone). It was a really good trip and it left me really, really wanting to be back HERE...which is something I didn't think I would ever want. But yeah, being away reminded me that THIS is home. And fuck, I missed my cats something fierce.

So...milk from a cow...layer soup...and now...sitting here waiting for people to get the fuck out of here and leave me to my silence.


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