2005-07-29 - 11:38 p.m.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Paris for a few days. I am, of course, a total wreck being that this is the first time I am leaving my cats alone in this new house. We have someone coming to look in on them...but I am still paranoid that a door will blow shut and trap a cat...or that a door that is always closed will blow open and a cat will run in there and the door will blow closed...I am very, very scared. Also, I am worried that we will get blown off this gigantic new bridge we are going to drive over on the way home from France. It's huge. And what if something happens to us and the cats are left alone in this house in a strange country and my mother and brother aren't here to take care of things????

So...I am leaving my brothers phone number (because I know my mother shouldn't be bothered with cat tasks if something happens to me)and if something happens to us this is what he should Clay, the guy that got the cats here, his number is on the kennels in our garage, Alex can get that number. Have Clay get the animals back to Michigan and find homes for them. Nice homes. Smudge and Oscar must stay together and Bubba too. And Smitten. Fish and Bear would be good as long as they have loving people and can go outside. All of them have to be able to go outside. If something happens to me and I am put in the hospital, then my brother must come here and stay with the cats until I am out.

Okay. That feels better.


Paris for our first anniversary. You couldn't get much more romantic than that. We are going to eat at our favorite restaurants and stay at a hotel that is right next to where Eric used to live so I will be able to walk my usual routes and all that jazz. I am happy. I hope we end up back in France someday. That would be cool.

Me needs some serious French dining experience right now.

And also...Paris is about thirty degrees cooler than it is here and that will be awesome and maybe I will be able to sleep for once.

I will miss my kitties and I wish, oh how I wish, that I could go to Paris and come back before dark. But that isn't possible.

I don't want to go anywhere else for a while after this. I just want to make a home and be home.




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