2005-06-19 - 2:44 a.m.

I am waiting until I am at least slightly sane before I write an, maybe I'll write sometime in like 2050 or something.

Next time I write I have to talk about the ugliest skirt in the world that I am in love with.

And also about my Mother and Flashdance.

And about me not wanting to meet anyone or talk to anyone and how that is OKAY and should be OKAY to everyone else too because I may not be "normal" but I am HAPPY being a hermit. HAPPY YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

And about the spiders, always the spiders.

And how I don't want anyone to touch me lately, except I crave comforting touches. I just want someone to stroke my head. I want comfort right now. I need comfort right now.

And about the thorns I keep stepping on and still haven't learned to wear shoes outside even though I can barely walk from the pain on the bottom of my feet.

And the revelation I had the other day about pants. How I finally figured out that I am not much bigger than I was ten years's just that ten years ago we actually wore our pants around our WAISTS not our HIPS and THAT is why my pants from way back when don't fit properly now, one cannot wear pants meant for the waist around the hip. And it amazes me how uncomfortable it is to wear the pants around the amazes me because it really doesn't seem like that long ago that we wore our pants there and when we started wearing the lower rise pants I thought THOSE were uncomfortable.

Anyway, I am still not sane so I can't write an entry right now.

But I did have artichokes for dinner tonight and that is really, really good.


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