2005-06-02 - 9:14 p.m.

Dear Spain.

What the fuck is up with your dairy products?

First of all...I have to tell you how disconcerting it is to see your aisle of milk ON SHELVES, not refrigerated shelves, shelves. I know it is not just you Spain, I saw milk on shelves in France too. It is some super alien pasteurized milk and it freaks me out. So I never buy your milk on the shelf. I always buy the milk, the piddly stock, of regular milk in the cooler. Back where I come from I can buy a gallon of milk. In one container. And that typically gets me through a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on my PMS cravings. Anyway, BACK WHERE I COME FROM, the milk you buy from the cooler will LAST a week, more than. You don't have to buy your milk off the shelf to make it last a week. So why is it that here, when I buy milk from the cooler, it lasts a DAY? And today it didn't even last a day.

I swear...if I take one more swig of sour milk or get electrocuted one more time from this FREAKY half assed electric shit here I am going to...well, I am going to stop drinking milk and let Eric plug everything in.

I'm just saying...this is kind of stupid.


Today I got up later than I had wanted which is funny because I swore I got up at seven and when I got out of bed it was noon...and I was totally pissed because I had really really wanted to go to the sea to see (ha ha) what it was like down there in the morning. Because I am trying to find the best time, the least amount of people while there is still sunlight, to walk. Anyway, I was making my coffee and getting really mad at myself so I threw on some clothes, tossed the cats in the house and went to the beach anyway. I walked and explored and decided that I really wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big glass of milk when I got home. But I didn't have any milk because the milk I bought last time we went to the store went bad after three I gathered courage and went to a little market and bought milk. Totally without incident though I think they did ask me if I had a smaller bill and I just shook my head and it seemed to be the answer they were looking for...anyway...

There are some beach people (by this I mean people who seem to live at the beach and build shit in the sand for money from stupid tourists) and I see them every time I walk, because they never appear to leave and today they said hello to me, like not hitting on me hello, but hello like you say to someone you see every day in the post office or something. Well, and they didn't say hello, they said hola. But you get the gist. I am becoming a beach regular.

Also...I was walking along and some girl started walking at me and I was trying to avoid her because I was sure she was going to try to sell me something but she said with a little panic in her voice, "Excuse me??" And I stopped and she said, "do you speak english?" And I'm all, "YEAH I DO!" And she says, "Do you know where any toilets are?" And I point to where I've seen a sign and she says that they are broken and I tell her to go to where the hotels are and she shrugs and says thanks and walks away. What I am wondering is did I look like either an American or an English lass? Or was she just hoping that if she said excuse me in english I would stop because I knew english and understood her or would keep going and not even acknowledge her because I didn't speak english and didn't understand that she was saying excuse me? I am hoping for the latter, that she was just trying her luck because I certainly don't want to stick out around here. I think I have to get some really bright orange shoes...people around here appear to be wearing a lot of bright orange shoes lately.

I hate orange.


My five proactive things I did today?

1. Was able to zone out while driving and didn't get all pissy when someone was tailgating me (which appears to be what you do here no matter how fast the person in front of you is going)

2. Finished silly mindless book I was reading so now I can move on to other things. Just needed mindless for a while while I gathered thought.

3. Totally finished our bedroom, including cleaning it (which was DISGUSTING AND HORRIFYING AND IT IS NO WONDER WHY MY HEAD HAS HURT SO BADLY).

4. Put covers on couches and made the living room pretty and clean and homey feeling.

5. Totally emptied the dishwasher. This is REALLY something to be proud of. I HATE dishwashers though I have to say that they do clean things much better than I can. Especially considering that I inherited my dishwashing skills from my mother whose theory has always appeared to be... soak the dishes in the hottest water you can get and they are clean!!! CLEAN!!! Anyway, I hate the dishwasher but I do try to use it because every once in a while it is good to actually wash the dishes. But I never empty it. I will empty it partially and what usually happens is that I leave those other dishes in there and next time I use the dishwasher they go through again. But today I emptied every last item from it, including the spoon that has been on the bottom since we moved in here.



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