2005-05-20 - 12:13 p.m.


In the past two weeks I have been to the vet probably seven times. And we have to go again tomorrow. This is not what I was thinking would happen with the cats. I did not think that the only THE ONLY cat I was not worried at all about with the travel and the change would fall ill and have to keep going to back to the vet. We THOUGHT he was getting better, he came home, he was back to prowling around muttering to himself (he talks a lot) but he still wasn't eating or drinking and then yesterday he somehow managed to get into a pool of laundry soap that I had created and then licked some, or a lot, of it off himself and then started WHEEZING and not breathing very well. So back to the vet. The vet wasn't too concerned with the breathing thing because it was localized in his throat appears that his fever from the previous illness is still present SO he is back on treatments. UGH. However...this vet is very cool and wonderful and everytime I see him I think to myself that it is a damn shame my mother isn't here because this is her dream guy. He is a Spanish vet, but he is French...but not French looking really (which is good because French guys typically don't appeal to me)and he loves the animals and asked permission from my cat to take his temperature (which is good, everyone should ask permission before jamming cold metal into the butt)...anyway, my mother is really missing out. She would LOVE this guy.

So today. First of all, I woke up at eleven thirty. That is BAD. BAD. Then I went outside (because my routine is going to be spending the majority of my days outside) and found that it was too hot for me out there. I could get on my floating raft and read in the pool...but that isn't very productive and I have a lot of production that needs to be done. So now I am sitting here, writing this entry and intermittently pulling prickers and sticks and leaves out the of the fur of my Bear cat. He jumped the wall the other day (actually, he fell off the wall the other day) and he has the most bizarre fur of any creature you will ever meet and stuff just mats itself in. So I had really wanted to keep him from jumping/falling the wall because down there in the field it is all prickers, sticks and old leaves. I think we will probably have to shave him.

I made cookies last night. I am HORRIFIED once again about the cookies. When I was in France I made the most incredible cookies. I mean, INCREDIBLE cookies. And I really looked forward to doing that again here. But, the flour in Spain is vastly different. So I made/asked Eric get me flour from France the last time he was there. He brought back like ten pounds of it (and eight bottles of my favorite laundry soap and a bunch of brown sugar) I made cookies last night, with the French flour, and they are good, but no where near as good as the cookies I made in France. So now I am convinced that it is a combination of flour, butter and eggs from France. Butter for sure. We are going to have to bring back a lot of butter when we go to France in a couple weeks. I really hope I can go to France in a couple weeks. The only thing keeping me from doing that is the health of Bubby. If Bubby is not well I won't go. But I really want to go. This is the longest I have been away from France in a couple years.

We start language training on Monday. This is awesome. I cannot wait to be able to start learning this language. Eric thinks it's funny because the Spanish idea of intensive training is going from 9:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. When he took intensive classes for French it was like two weeks of eight hour days. Anyway, I hope I can learn enough in that week to get a good start. Vocabulary shouldn't be a problem to build, I just need to learn how to form sentences and correct pronunciation.

That is all. I think I am going to get on my raft now.


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