2005-04-29 - 9:36 a.m.

So I got my visa! Hoorah, hoorey!

And we went to this Mexican restaurant I found on line and started drooling about two days before we went to Chicago. I was kind of embarrassed about the restaurant because it was 1. found on line on some foodie website and 2. it was kind of pricey and 3. I was overly excited about being able to get chilies rellanoes. I mean, my favorite cheese (Chihuahua)(though I do have to say that they could have probably found a better grade of cheese because the cheese they used didn't match up to the stuff at Mi Ranchito here in Kalamazoo and Mi Ranchito is kind of a dive)AND peppers and YUM! I was SO happy. I think I was the only happy one though. But fuck everyone. I could eat Mexican food EVERY SINGLE DAY and be really happy.

And...I bought that green shirt I have been thinking about for a while. I almost didn't buy it again this time because when I saw it again it didn't strike me...but once I got it home I just keep wanting to look at it. I also found a pair of black sandals and a pair of cool sandals. The black sandals are not perfect..not like the black sandals I lost last year, but they will suffice. And...I got a white t-shirt. And a skirt. And all of this stuff, purchased on Micigan avenue, two shirts, two pairs of shoes and a skirt, all cost $60. See? One can even be a bargain hunter on the Magnificent Mile. I got incredibly annoyed at the Hugo Boss store yesterday. I just can't believe that they can sell a plain button down mans shirt for $145. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Oh. And. I am sitting here right now waiting for the movers to come and get my stuff. I woke up in a panic this morning because this is the last morning for a LONG LONG time that I will wake up on my bed. I am going to MISS THIS BED SO MUCH THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!

I have a lot to do today. And a party to go to tonight. And a party to go to tomorrow. And pizza to have on Sunday. And a massage to get on Monday, hopefully, before I get on that airplane.

I am such a strange combinations of feeling today. Sad, excited, scared, relieved. It is weird.


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