2005-04-25 - 1:32 p.m.

Yeah, so. My father has his priorities totally fucked up. I am so mad at him right now that I am pretty sure I will never get over this and may not ever be able to speak to him again.

So remember how he missed my wedding? How he arrived in Michigan a day AFTER my wedding and then didn't even call me for dinner or anything? And then the last day he was in Michigan I called HIM and asked him if maybe they could meet us halfway between where I live and where he was staying and he said, "Well, no, I don't think that would really work, we just rented some videos for the twins and we were going to do that tonight." And I just kind of tried to forget about the whole thing because my dad is weird. You know, he is just plain weird. I started figuring that maybe he just didn't see the importance of doing things like going to his daughters wedding or something.

So then, last summer, his brother died. Now..had I been in his position I would have been on the next flight home to make sure my mother was okay and cared for. My grandmother was VERY upset when her son died. VERY. But as it turns out my dad came back like three months after the fact for the funeral service they managed to throw together THREE MONTHS after the death. Okay, maybe it was two months..anyway, it was a long time after and I thought that was kind of shitty too. But then, I just figured that he didn't see the importance in that kind of thing.

So the other day I get a message from him telling me that he is going to be in town this weekend, a last minute trip, for the funeral. And I have no idea who died so I call my brother and he says, "oh, something about dad's cousins daughter...." and I didn't even really know my dad had cousins and even if he did have cousins I certainly didn't know these cousins had any kids...and yet....HE IS FLYING HOME FOR HIS COUSINS DAUGHTERS FUNERAL and he missed HIS OWN DAUGHTERS WEDDING and his OWN BROTHERS RIGHTFUL FUNERAL HAD TO BE POSTPONED BY MONTHS SO MY DAD COULD GET HERE.

I think he is a big pile of shit. And I suspect, and this has to be confirmed, but I suspect that somehow my dads wife became friends with this cousin and THAT is the reason they are able to come home for this funeral. Because they just don't come home for funerals weddings whatever unless it has something to do with his wife.

She is also a big pile of shit.

And I hate them both.

Really really really a lot.


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