2005-04-18 - 4:59 a.m.

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in three years. I got something from e-bay. SHOES. Not the perfect pair of black sandals...but a pair of brown Dansko sandals. WHICH IS GOOD because Danskos have saved my life. Seriously. I got my pair of black professionals in September or something like that and since I have been wearing them to work every day (unless I wear a brown shirt in which case I have to wear brown shoes because I am crazy like that)I have had NO leg pain. Well, maybe just a couple times but that was when I was really stressed out and kind of sick. But the leg pain that used to plague me at least once a week is gone.

So it will be good to have a pair of brown sandals, Dansko brown sandals, to wear on those long days when we are exploring Barcelona. Good to have them on hot days when I go for a walk and really can't handle the thought of wearing tennis shoes and socks.

Now all I need is a pair of the Dansko Arabella (truly a beautiful yet functional shoe, a perfect black sandal)and a pair of brown Dansko boots and a pair of black Dansko boots and I will never have to wear another pair of shoes that aren't Dansko again.

I had this terrible dream last night that for some reason Eric and I had to move in with my Aunt and part of the deal was that she got to have Eric...meaning he was sleeping in her room and he was HERS (though there was never any sexual implication in my dream, I just knew in the dream that Eric was hers and I had no rights to him any longer) anyway, in my dream she went out to complete some errand having to do with me and Eric was at work and I crawled into her room (for some reason you had to crawl into her room) and was smelling his t-shirts that were hanging up in the closet and they didn't smell like him at all and I got really angry and then she came home and I crawled back out and was crying and I let loose on her and started throwing punches telling her that she had even taken away his scent and that wasn't fair.

It was weird.

I only have six days of work left. I am oddly not feeling anything about this. I know it is going to be SO NICE not having to work anymore...but I guess work didn't bother me as much as I thought it did because at this point I don't really feel anything about knowing this is my last week of work for a long, long time. I should be bouncing off walls. I go to get ready for my last Monday at that job. Then my last Tuesday and I guess I already had my last Wednesday because I have that off this week...then a last Thursday, a last Friday, a last Saturday and then....SUNDAY...the last stupid stupid stupid Sunday at that job. Sunday's SUCK and if I am not excited now about not working I will be excited after working Sunday. And it is graduation weekend which means we will be even more busy than usual.


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