2005-04-06 - 8:51 p.m.

Yesterday at work I was standing in the back making a list and talking to the prep guy and he was stabbing a big mound of frozen strawberries trying to break them up faster to thaw and he said, "Look at how much sugar is in these strawberries, that is kind of gross." And I said, "Oh, that's because those aren't strawberries, they are sugarberries." And he looked at me, amazed, and said, "Really?? I thought all this time that they were strawberries. They look like strawberries."

I also had a conversation with a girl I work with that went like this...

Her: "So, do you believe in God?"
Me: "No."
Her: "That's kind of sad, how come?"
Me: "Well, I have a hard time believing something that isn't..."
At this point she interrupts me by brushing something off my cheek and whispering, "You have a crumb on your cheek."
Me: "...something that I cannot see or hasn't been proven..."
At this point she starts smoothing my hair down and smiling and says, "Your hair is all fly away."
Me: "...and I guess that science, in all its forms has..."
She starts making a gesture with her hand indicating that I just had a table sit down
Me: "...has shown me that the intelligent, rational thought is that..."
She then says, "You have a little milk might want to get that off before you go to your table."
Me: "...uh...yeah, table."

And then of course I had the conversation the other day with a busboy who thought the pope was Jewish because he wore that little hat.

I can't wait to get out of here and never speak to anyone ever again.


I want to never speak to anyone again.

Hitchhikers Guide coming in movie form. I KNOW it won't be as good as the books...but I am going to see it. Totally going to see it. Probably will be a movie that I will go to for the first showing.

Reading a Joyce Carol Oates book right now. I always think I don't like her and then I read a book she has written and I just fall in love with her writing and then I go a couple years thinking I don't really like her and then get another book...I think this time I am just going to remember that i like her and read all her books. Like that summer I read all of Margaret Atwood. This summer will be Joyce Carol Oates. And the rest of Paul Auster...and if this Phillip Roth books turns out to be a good read (the one I read before this one was REALLY good, this one seems to be slow and I can't get into it), I will read the rest of him too. And in JULY John Irving has a new book and I can't decide whether I am going to sit and read it in a day, doing nothing else, or if I am going to read it over the course of a long period. There is luxery in both options.

Bed now.

Chicago on Sunday to see BodyWorlds. I am very excited. And I might actually get back to H&M to get that shirt I have been thinking about.


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