2005-03-30 - 5:50 p.m.

I fell down the stairs today at the exact moment I was saying to myself, "be careful, you will fall down the stairs." I am choosing to not tell my husband that I fell down the stairs today...let him think what he will about the huge bruise on my arm...because we have stairs in our new house, not stairs that you use every so often...stairs that you use at least ten or eighty times a day and I KNOW he will be worried about me falling down the stairs all the time when he is at work. ESPECIALLY if I tell him that I fell down the stairs today.

My ex boyfriend used to break up with girls if they fell. He couldn't handle people falling. And I somehow managed to never fall when he was around. I don't know how I did that...

I am finding that I am rather jealous of my cat Fish. She will find a spot, a perfectly comfortable spot and she will nest herself into it and stay there for THE ENTIRE DAY. Never moving, just lazily opening an eye every so often. She has absolutely no regard for what is going on around long as she is in comfort spot she is not moving. And she never listens to me unless it suits her. My other cats pay some sort of attention to me...but she will not pay any attention to me at all, in fact, she blatently ignores me, if whatever I am proposing does not interest her. And she's such a little princess..just this cute little ball of super soft fur that she cleans all day long. She's fucking pristine.

Going to take a bath now.

I wanted Indian food leftovers after I went to the gym and I searched high and low for them and finally found them in the freezer along with a stick of butter. I found this funny.

Nice weather. If it could only never get hotter than this. THAT would be cool.


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