2005-03-18 - 4:39 a.m.

I think I've written this entry before....but I get agitated.

This is how I feel about steroid use in sports. If those players are going to be dumb enough to use steroids...let 'em.

I just wonder where they draw the line...I mean, you can be a long distance runner that kicks every other long distance runners ass because you get eight hours of sleep a night and get a massage four times a week and eat well and balanced and the night before you run you eat a billion pounds of pasta. Isn't that basically the same thing, performance enhancers?

I don't know a lot about this steroid thing, for instance, are steroids illegal, like other drugs? I know plenty of people that do roids but I never really knew if they were illegal. I know that baseball and other sports must make them illegal (if they are not already) and those players probably sign something saying they won't use them...but why?

That's how I feel about it. Plus, it's just dumb and why must we always be so wrapped up in what is going on in the sport world? This is not news worthy. Every single morning men come to the restaurant and buy a newspaper and they read ONLY the sports page and leave the rest of the paper behind. They sit there and talk about sports for hours while they drink coffee and while I understand, that is kind of stress relief or something, they have never, not once, talked about anything else. There are more important things we as a society should be talking about over coffee in the morning. At least every once in a while.


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