2005-03-17 - 3:01 p.m.

When you fall in love with a globe trotting perfect man and expect him to return to his own continent sometime in 2005...REMIND YOURSELF ALL THE TIME THAT HE CAN COME HOME IN 2005! Do not, by any mean, sit in some generic office in Ohio while some HR woman explains to you what moving to another country would entail and say,"Okay, anything you say, I want to move to Spain and be with my darling boy." Keep it in your head that at some point darling boy must return and since you are his darling girl all you have to say is, "Oh, no thanks, we will live here, in the US."

And if you should decide to go with the, "Okay, anything you say..." thing...just make sure you don't have animals that you are taking along. Or a house to sell. Or ten years of junk piled up on shelves. If you live in an apartment and have only been there for less than a year and your lease is up at the exact time you wish to move and you don't have animals and you have no debt or other obligations...THEN you can go. But DO NOT EVER GO WHEN YOU HAVE SHACKLES. EVER.

For heaven's sake. This is truly the most awful thing I have been through.

And now, to add to the insult, I have to go to the laundry mat.


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