2005-02-25 - 2:17 p.m.

So jackass guy that “owns” a snake and was going to feed it a hamster but failed because hamster was too cunning for the snake is a little agitated with me. He’s been an ass all day because I made him bring the hamster to work (and PAY him for the hamster) and he thinks it’s ridiculous that I was so concerned for a “rodent”. Okay, so the jackass that is mad at me is not the person that technically “owns” the snake, it is the snake “owners” roommate and also a friend of mine. The thing is that sometimes this guy really disappoints me. The guy that “owns” the snake is a complete and total loss on this planet anyway…I’ve never expected much from him and never will. He’s actually rather evil…like, evil as in beating girlfriends, having numerous girlfriends, one with his baby, and thinking it’s funny when he sleeps with all of them on the same day…not to mention that one of these girlfriends has three kids and is living in a MOTEL. He’s just slime. So when he got the hamster I wasn’t surprised, just like the day he told me about how he wrung a cats neck once and killed it. Horrifying, but not surprising. Anyway…he moved in with my friend a couple weeks ago. Friend needed help paying his house payment, loser guy needed a place to live because his crack house was getting too crazy for even him. So he and his snake move in with my friend. My friend then realizes that snake has not been fed in three months and tells loser guy they need to get him some food and a better living environment. So friend buys a heat lamp and since there were no live rats they got a hamster.

I realize that technically rats and hamsters are pretty much the same and I am just as horrified by the fact that people have snakes and feed them live rats as I am that these idiots were going to feed the snake a hamster. I am TOTALLY against snakes as “pets”. Because, lets face it, if you have a snake you have a snake because you 1. get off on feeding it live animals and 2. you think it is just cool and dark to have a snake. You aren’t getting something to fill some emotional void…as much as I hate to admit this…that’s all “pets” are. I am fully aware that I got my cats because I wanted company, because I liked taking care of something, because it was nice to come home and cuddle. And that’s OKAY. If someone wants to have a pet because they want to LOVE and TAKE CARE of something then FINE. It may be somewhat dysfunctional, but it’s not evil. Keeping a snake in a small aquarium and feeding it live things IS NOT GOOD. You are a sick mother fucker in the head if you get off on that.

So….that said. My friend is agitated with me. Wants to know where I get off telling people what they are doing is wrong. And I have to jump in there and tell him that we are living in a society here. I tell people what they are doing is wrong WHEN IT IS WRONG. Keeping a hamster in a cage for three days with a snake that keeps attacking but not eating…without food and water IS WRONG. It is sick and it made me sick that they were laughing about it. I tell people they are wrong when what I see is something that perpetuates bad. I want them to know that it is NOT NICE to purposely harm living beings. I may nag people about wasting water…yeah, that might get annoying, but when I see people dump buckets and buckets of ice at the end of the day I get a little annoyed. They don’t need to bring that much ice up in the first place, leave it in the machine…don’t dump it all. I want there to be a earth for a while. I am not some ethical, on my high horse person that won’t shut up…but when I believe in something I am going to do something about it and I sure as hell wasn’t going to sit here, sick to my stomach, wondering if that hamster had finally gotten eaten or if he was still stuck in that cage starving to death while some big snake kept lunging at him.

The thing is that I am getting sick of having to pick up the pieces after this friend of mine. It’s as though I am trying to save his soul or something. Years ago he was going to put his cat to sleep because he couldn’t have cats in his apartment. So I took the cat and she lived with me for eight years. She destroyed everything I own because she was old and had bladder problems, she cost me a lot of money and while I loved her, still miss her and wish I would have changed a lot of things about her life while I had her…it was still something I did for him. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had let him put her to sleep…but I also saved her because I didn’t want that on his conscience. I am picking up his pieces of shredded ethics. We’ve had many little arguments about things…from race, to his not understanding people when they are imperfect…I realize I can’t change anyone, but the thing is that I know he is a good person. I know this and that is why every time he does something not so good I try to fix it. I expect things from him and he sometimes relents and allows himself to be good. But right now I see that he is sliding. He is going back to ways of not so good and that worries me. I am scared that he is going to be in that restaurant for the rest of his life…that he is never going to do anything with his life. And that makes me sad.

But I did save the hamster. And my boss fell in love with him and went right out and bought him a cage, food and fluffy bedding and is taking him home tonight. So he will have a nice life and that makes me happy. Now I just have to figure out what the right thing to do for the starving snake is. Can’t you feed them eggs or something?


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