2005-02-24 - 6:33 p.m.

Tomorrow I will have a hamster. I don't like hamsters. I don't have any business having a hamster. Keep in mind that I am trying to MINIMIZE things here and get myself to Spain within the next six weeks.

But sometimes we have to do things that don't make sense. Like taking a hamster. If I didn't take the hamster I would be sick to my stomach with guilt, sadness and empathy for this little creature.

This story makes me sick. There is a snake involved. And this snake needed to eat because its owner hadn't fed it in over two months. So finally he went to get some food for it and they had no live rats so he bought a hamster. But there is something wrong with the snake and he keeps trying to eat the hamster but for some reason he can't. So the hamster has been in this cage with something trying to eat it for three days. This hamster has no food. This hamster is apparently all beat up from the snake. So he's stuck in this cage, with a snake, terrified, beat up and hungry. SICK. SICK. SICK. This world makes me so sad.

So I finally guilt tripped these people that have this snake into taking the hamster out of the cage and giving it some food and tomorrow they are bringing it to me.

So if anyone wants a hamster let me know.


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