2005-02-17 - 4:30 a.m.

Boy is on his way here. And I feel really sorry for him because he will have had a VERY long day by the time he gets here. Starts out yesterday morning in France. Had to drive back to Barcelona to shut up the house, pack and get to his plane. And then he got stuck because of a blizzard in the mountains. So poor Boy did not arrive back to our house until 2 hours before he had to leave for the airport. Which means he DROVE for fourteen hours and then almost immediately got on a plane for another fourteen hours. So then he is here for ten days...and we have to go to Chicago, he has to go to Muskegon (probably a few times) and then he gets back on that stupid plane and goes home for a day and then off to Sweden. I cringe at the thought of all this. If it had been ME having to drive from France and having well over 24 hours of travel in a would take me WEEKS to recover. WEEKS. I worry about his health and once we are living together I really hope that his schedule calms down a bit.

The other day as I was driving and driving in circles trying to find a different nasal screw for my nose (TO NO AVAIL AND LATER I WILL GO ON AND ON ABOUT TATTOO PEOPLE AND WHAT BIG ASSHOLES THEY (most of them)ARE AND WHAT AN EXPERIENCE IT HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET A DIFFERENT PIECE OF JEWELRY FOR MY NOSE)I saw a bumper sticker that caused me to dangerously shift lanes and follow the people in the car because I just had to see what kind of complete moron would drive in a car that had a bumper sticker that said..."To get to heaven, turn right and go straight." Ugh.

I'm hoping it's not forever until I can write again. Boy here for ten days and I rarely find a chance to write when he is here. And directly after he leaves my best friend is arriving from Iowa for a visit with her pregnant belly. And sometime in there I am supposed to go to Chicago to visit my aunt from Texas and her newly adopted baby. And just MAYBE, right around that time when I can start writing again I will have a date for when I move. JUST MAYBE AND I REALLY HOPE SO AND I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE.


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