2004-12-08 - 4:42 a.m.

Yesterday I went to Fourth Coast and got a caramel mocha. Because I could officially have one again after taking one year off of them. So I was kind of excited...not exactly about the mocha because honestly I haven't really wanted one in a really long time...but because it was something I couldn't have for a long time, something I DIDN'T have for a long time and I wanted to celebrate being able to have one again.

Anyway...I only got a small one, which is SMALL. And when I got in my car and was driving down the street I took a sip...but I was kind of confused because I wasn't getting anything in my mouth. So I tipped the cup more and then, and only then, realized that it was pouring down the front of me. The thing must have been the exact temperature of my skin because I didn't feel it pouring down my chin, nor did I feel it soaking into my shirt. And the entire thing, except the last sludgy drops, was wasted. And I ruined a shirt. And it was kind of funny. Especially afterwards when I had to go to Lowes and my sweatshirt zipper is broken and everyone could see the big, brown stain down the front of my shirt.

I got up on time today. I also woke up like 100 times last night to make sure I wasn't sleeping in.

That sucks.


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