2004-12-04 - 8:39 p.m.

I sat in my basement for three hours today trying to get the belt back on the drier I had attempted to fix. I wasn’t able to get the stupid thing back on using the diagrams I had printed out. Nor was I able to get it back on using logic. The only way I got it back on correctly was by closing my eyes and just letting my fingers go. Basically…not thinking too much about it at all.

It occurs to me occasionally that I think too much.

I have to overthink every last thing.

I blame this on Oprah.

I have never watched Oprah.

But I do believe that women in general have been affected by Oprah and since I work with women in general, and have worked with women in general for over fifteen years that Oprah effect gets to me.

Oprah has made drama of every last thing you can think of. Women love Oprah = women get dramatic.

I need to not think things to extreme.


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