2004-11-29 - 8:06 p.m.

So Meijer has my cat food on sale, fifteen cents off a can. I plan to buy 300 cans, to get me through until we leave. That would save me $45. That's a lot of money when you really stop and think about it. And little money if you consider the fact that I only need to work half a shift to feed my cats their wet cat food (they also eat one $30 bag of food every other week) for three months. Cats are cheap.

Anyway, my problem is that I feel like a complete dork going there and buying ALL their cat food. So I was thinking maybe I would go buy 100 cans a day for three days. But that would get tiresome. Why do I feel like such an idiot for going to buy 300 cans of catfood? It isn't as though I haven't done it before. But then I bought it from the pet store and it was kind of just a given that some moron would go in there and buy 300 cans of catfood.

I made a scarf today. It's rather pretty. Very plain, but I just felt like making a scarf and I made it from only half a roll of yarn which means I made it for $2.50. That's a pretty good deal.

I am considering going to our Chistmas party this year for work. This is also a problem for me because I think it is funny that I never go to our "company" parties. It all started seven years ago when I didn't go to the summer party because it was on my ex boyfriends birthday. Then the Christmas party rolled around and it happened to be the same night that my ex boyfriend's family threw their annual holiday ball. (seriously, it was a ball, I mean, I had to get a BALL GOWN.) So, when the next summer party rolled around and I was out of town everyone started freaking out, giving me a really hard time because I never went to these parties. So it became funny to me to ALWAYS have something to do on party night. For the last seven years. I have missed thirteen parties. I went to one but no one remembers that because they are all so fixated on the other thirteen that I have missed. So this year I might go, just because it will for sure be the last one I will be around for.

I am also considering going to Chicago for my birthday...which also happens to be my brother's birthday. He and his friends are going to dinner and I really think I want to go...but I run into that whole thing of me not liking to be away from home. I like to sleep in my own bed. I like to not worry about the cats. I like to not think about whether I left a burner on. You know. Chicago venture would mean I would be staying away from home for a night and I just don't know if I am up for that right now. But we will see. I don't think I have celebrated a birthday in any way social for about ten years. The last time I remember doing something on my birthday which required talking to people was my 21st birthday. But I might be wrong about that.

I've decided to grow my fingernails back out. It's been a really long time, like two years, since I have let my fingernails grow. I grow really nice fingernails. You'll see. I should have been a hand model. Too late many years of restaurant work now, scars from burns, cuts, a crooked finger from when the bread steamer crashed on it...but my fingernails, they are wonderful.

I don't really have anything to say, I just don't feel like getting ready for bed because that would mean I have to take my new scarf off and I just don't want to yet.

Ohhh...I got new tires for my car. This makes no sense because I have needed new tires for the last two years. Last winter was just stupid with me driving on bald tires. So what do I do? I get new tires three months before I leave the country. Makes so much sense. Of course, it does decrease my chances of crashing and dying before I get to move. So that makes sense.

I also have to get my stupid plates renewed on time this year because my driver's license expires on my birthday and I just can't be without that. It will be something new and different for me to have current plates and not have to avoid cops for months. I will kind of miss that though. I can do without the $110 ticket this year though.

Going to bed now.

Goodnight scarf.


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