2004-11-27 - 5:40 a.m.

Ever since I made the decision to not go to Spain until March I have been sitting here in a lazy haze. Yesterday I read an entire book, watched two movies and then proceeded to watch Seinfeld and That 70's show. I didn't even go for a walk. I just sat on the couch or in the bath all day long. Somewhere in my head I decided that I don't have anything to do until March.

But that is totally false.

I still need to...

Paint my bedroom, the kitchen ceiling, the living room ceiling, the backroom ceiling and possibly the walls.

Attempt to fix the leak in the basement.

Get my stupid friend Kathy to get my stupid furniture from my stupid ex-boyfriend.

Get my stuff out of my paid storage space and into the space that Eric's company is going to pay for.

Get this house refinanced so I can go whether or not it is sold and will have the money I will get for it when it does sell up front and have the ability to have the payments automatically deducted instead of sending a check from Spain once a month.

Figure out, to the last detail, how I am going to get these cats to Spain.

Get Fish her shots so someone can bring her to me after her six months of having a rabies shot are up.

Convince Eric that having someone bring Fish to me is not a bad idea and that having a sixth cat isn't much different from having five cats.

Unless I can convince Eric's aunt to take Fish, which is the best option. It's just the only place I can imagine her living happily and where I can see her from time to time. Unfortunately, Eric's aunt does not want a cat.

Finish getting ready to go, I want to be ready to go at any time. Just because. Even if I have a date in mind, I want to be ready long before that because in the weeks before my actual move I am sure to be a complete nut case and won't have time between bouts of crying and/or elation to get anything accomplished.

See my grandparents.

See my newly impregnated best friend.

Cancel things, like BMG Music Service.

Get that guy here to put my kitchen and bathroom floors in.

Get my electricity updated.

Or at least price it.

Fix the screens that Smitten destroyed.

Clean my refrigerator.

EXERCISE. (this not having a gym thing has made me extremely lazy. Not the mention the three weeks of rain we had that prevented my usual walking and now I have gotten out of even that habit.)

Learn a little Spanish.

And finally...SAVE SOME MONEY.

And all I can do is sit on the couch.

This is terrible.


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