2004-11-26 - 9:59 a.m.

Thanksgiving in Chicago was nice. I would definitely like to go there more often and sample all the vegetarian restaurants I can. (and spend more time with my brother) I realize how stupid it is of me to NOT be familiar with Chicago. I mean, I live like two hours(or three depending on traffic) away.

Right now my cats are sampling the snow. And it is freezing in here because I have to leave the back door open so they can get back in when they are done. It's really quite cute. They will stand there for a second and then look at me with this strange, panic confusion look. Then the tenatative steps into the snow. They are cute. I just hope they get tired of it soon because I really want to close that door and turn my heat on.

So here I was yesterday thinking how I really needed to get home to call my dad, my grandmother Lona, my grandparents Carlson...and I got home too late to call any of them...and yet, no one called me. I hate my dad.

But we already know that.

Yesterday sometime around eight in the morning I got this crazy idea that I should open all my blinds. Because it was just so pretty outside and the sun was shining and it just seemed right. So I opened everything up and it just felt weird in here. Last night I tried to close all the blinds and most of them are stuck, two of them fell down and I was only able to close one blind. So this morning I feel all exposed and just desperately want to go buy big, thick curtains now. I think I will. I will be able to use them again someday. cool as it was to go away for Thanksgiving...I think I will have to have Thanksgiving again. Since this will likely be my last one for a long time and I really missed our typical Thanksgiving dinner...particularly the sweet potatoes and especially when I am getting full and just mix everything together on my plate and take a couple last bites. I love that sweet potato, mashed potato, wild rice, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy and fake chicken mix. LOVE IT. So I think for Christmas, since we never have Christmas dinner) I will make Thanksgiving dinner. That way Eric can have some semblence of Thanksgiving too, even if it is a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Is there anyone out there that lives, or is really familiar with Barcelona? I need to know WHERE I can find all the soy meat like products. I was never able to find them in France (though I didn't look too diligently). I did notice that in Spain they sell seitan in the grocery store...but I want stuff like Morningstar Farms sausage patties and Worthington Fri Chick and Garden Burger BBQ riblets (oh god are those good).

Must go walking now.


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