2004-11-23 - 4:47 a.m.

So I had read a short story once by Anne Tyler and it was wonderful so I bought one of her novels a few days ago and....good does this stuff get published? It was awful. So I struggled for a couple days, not wanting to waste a book, but I finally gave up and bought another that I was confident about, The Virgin Suicides. I was so hungry to read after having spent two days stumbling through a terrible book, that I read it in the course of 24 hours. I also wanted to get through it because I bought three other books at the same time and wanted to get to those.

I'm thinking I need to add a month of stuff to my list of things to do once arriving in Spain. First I am going to acclimate. I am not going to put any restrictions on time or activities until I feel good and comfortable. Then I am going to spend a month sleeping. Sleeping whenever I damn well feel like it so I can establish a natural sleep pattern in myself. I have no idea what my natural sleep pattern is. Then I am going to spend a month reading, straight reading. All the time, at any hour, reading. And then I will sit down for however long it takes and write my novel. And I am not getting out of my pajamas until it is finished. I will be able to go to the grocery store and of course if something comes up for Eric that he desperately wants me to attend...well, I guess I will have to oblige. And I can wear a bathing suit (because by the time I get to that stage it is going to be hotter than anything) so I can spend cooling off time in the pool. Other than that, it will be pajamas, until I have written a mother fucking novel. I don't care about the story or the quality. I just need to get back to that place in myself where I used to write daily and I used to actually get somewhere with writing daily. Need to remember how to finish something.

Going to Chicago for Thanksgiving. This will be kind of cool. We are planning to go to the Chicago Diner (a vegetarian restaurant) if someone would please cancel their reservations so we can get in. Otherwise, we are going to get takeout from the diner and eat at my brother's house. I hope it is cold enough for me to wear my ugly coat.

Work now.


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