2004-10-15 - 9:37 a.m.

She didn't die last night. She kept her eyes open and looking around all night. This morning she pushed my hand away when I tried to give her some water. I went to work and called someone in for me and came home to take her to the vet. I took a nap with her for half an hour and then took her in. It was very fast...I hope she is peaceful still wherever she is. I hope that if there is a next life she is someplace warm. She loved to be warm.

I hope in the eight years I have had her, when I saved her from an early death all those years ago, that she had a nice life. I hope she felt warm, wanted, comfortable and happy. I think I provided her with all that. I feel as though I did my part in the story of her life.

I thank her for everything she gave me. Patience, compassion, the understanding that you can love something with all your heart even when they annoy you or make things difficult. I thank her for all those years when she slept totally melded into me. I thank her for her crazy meow and the funny way she would just sit in front of her bowl, even for hours, until I fed her. I thank her for being such a character. For being so very old. I thank her for rolling around in the grass like a kitten even when she was so old that she had trouble walking. I thank her for proving my dedication. For showing me that I will go to any length to make a living creature happy, comfortable and healthy. I thank her for proving and substantiating my beliefs. I thank her for being Lucy...for being little girl and for always ruling the roost even when the other cats outweighed her by 15 pounds. She was a sweet cat. And I am sad to see her go. I am sad that part of my family has gone.

I will miss you Luc....

May you rest in peace and warmth.


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