2004-10-13 - 4:47 a.m.

For some reason this morning I woke up remembering a certain time of my life, about eight months, when I was twenty and I would come home from work every day at 2. I would stop at Burger King, get a salad, fries and an iced tea and then I would go home and watch General Hospital in my tiny little room with a water bed.

I find this memory really funny. Because one, you couldn't pay me enough money to watch a soap opera and I had never watched soap operas before really unless I was at my friend Jill's house and she and her mother were watching them. And two, because I am only allowed, these days, to eat french fries six times a year. And three, because I hate iced tea. And four, because I hate water beds. And five, because I haven't been to Burger King in probably ten years. I think it is funny because those things were SUCH a routine for me. Totally ingrained. And yet, it totally wasn't me doing it.

But then again, I think I must have been vacant that whole year. Living with five men, working double shifts in a bar, having no girlfriends and spending the majority of my time hiding away in my tiny little room painting pictures.

Which is another funny thing. I went through this phase of painting and drawing. And I can't paint or draw.

Yesterday I spent the entire day working on my house. And it looks worse than it did before. Because I am not capable of finishing anything. So each room in my house is half painted white. I am painting everything white. That is weird to me. I have all rooms half painted with a first coat of one room is not a mottled white/blue color, another is a mottled white/ looks stupid. My bathtub has half the caulk torn out. My gardens outside are half torn out. I finally finished the half painted porch yesterday. And I half packed the boxes that are to go to Spain.

I am getting really irritated at work. I really hope I am out of here before December because I can't carry on like this until March. My boss has already written me off apparently and is no longer taking any sort of care with my schedule. I've been demoted to five days and I have to open every single day. Which is stupid because if in his mind I am already gone he should be training the other girls to open. Oh yeah, but they can never show up in time. The first time I went to France the morning after I left the opener was two hours late, the 6:30 girl was an hour late and we had busboys and cooks waiting tables because there were no waitresses there.

Speaking of...I must go to work now.


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