2004-10-09 - 6:45 a.m.

A few weeks ago when I arrived in France and fell asleep after my flight I did not wake up wondering where the hell I was, like I usually do.

A week ago when I arrived home and fell asleep after my flight I woke up in total confusion wondering where I was.

I thought that was odd.

Yesterday I did a casual poll. I asked all the girls at work if they would rather be with a man twenty pounds overweight, or twenty pounds underweight. Every single girl (7) told me they would much rather be with a man twenty pounds overweight.

I then asked the boys the same question (except about girls, not boys) and the answer...9 out of eleven would prefer to be with a girl twenty pounds UNDERWEIGHT.

Which is odd. Women like their men with substance, men like their women frail. That's kind of sick.

I've been having old nightmares lately. The kind I had six years ago or so. Vampire nightmares and waitress nightmares. Out of all the nightmares I can have (except the flying nightmares and the nightmares where something is wrong with one of my cats) these are the two most dreaded nightmares of mine. The waitress nightmares because I wake up exhausted and stressed and the vampire nightmares because I wake up totally terrified. I wonder why I am having my old nightmares. It's been a long time. In fact, I used to have nightmares ALL the time and in the last year they have dramatically gone down in number.

Yesterday I spent three hours trying to figure out how to find doctors that are covered with my new health insurance. I managed to find one, and even then no one is really sure I am covered.

Speaking of this doctor search. The doctor I found yesterday was the gynocologist. The receptionist was asking me all my info and asked for my middle name. I hesitated. Because, (and this is the first time I am telling this publicly and everyone who knows is sworn to secrecy, but I am getting too old to play this game anymore)my middle name has another meaning other than it's Latin meaning of "pure". Though somehow in it's new meaning it retains the definition because it means something like pure yeast or something. Anyway, it is CANDIDA. My middle name is CANDIDA. Most women will know that this is the medical term for a yeast infection. Lovely. So when the receptionist asked my middle name I said, "well, you are really going to get a good laugh about this..." and I told her and the next thing I hear is her holding the phone away and laughing and laughing. THEN she gets back on the phone and says, "I just HAD to know what your middle name was after having a first name like Whisper." So I didn't even have to tell her that info...I should have just used my standard line of, "I don't give that information out."

Off to work now. Got to sleep in today. While I really despise the 8:00 shift on Saturday (because I have to stay later and because it's really boring until about 11 in that section)I do appreciate being able to sleep in three hours.


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