2004-08-27 - 4:42 a.m.

Panic, panic, panic.

Yet another house went up for sale on my street yesterday. In the whole time I have lived here only four houses have been up for sale. That's ten years, four houses. Now in one weeks time five houses on my street have gone up for sale. This is ridiculous. That means a number of things. That means I have to do a really good job of getting this place fixed up, no half assing or leaving things, because who is going to want to buy a house where they have to do things if they can buy one on the same street that is already done. And I also will have to ask less than they are so mine sells faster. Which shouldn't be too bad, I think that even with a reasonable price I would still have to ask less because my house is smaller than the other houses for sale. I am in sheer panic mode. I woke this morning with that on my mind.

That and that stupid mother cat who had kittens in my house. I gave her kittens away and the intention was to get her in to get fixed as soon as her milk dried up and then find her a nice barn to live in. But I couldn't catch her, couldn't even get near enough to her to treat her with flea stuff. And I had to let her out because my cat Smudge has flea allergies and loses his hair in a serious way. And since he can't look like he has mange when we move to Spain I had to let her out because she was getting fleas everywhere and he started losing his hair. We are in flea emergency here right now. I have to comb them all everyday with a flea comb and they have their usual treatment...but I still keep finding fleas on them and that is so not good because Smudge has, and will, lose every bit of hair he can get to if I don't curb this. So now none of the cats can go out for fear they will bring in a flea, I have to keep the vaccuum running all the time, washing everything, steam cleaning...and trying to move and pack at the same time. And I keep hearing cat fights and knowing it is that mother cat being harassed and I know she just wants to come back in here because she is always at my door. I just don't know what to do. If I could only catch her. If I could only make this right. I had no choice but to let her stay here when she had her kittens. But I did have a choice this winter when she sneaked in here and took up residence in my basement. But again, I couldn't catch her. And she would leave sometimes when I opened the door and I would be relieved, thinking I didn't have to worry about that anymore but then she would be standing shivering at my back door and what else could I do but open the door for her? I must get away from all these cats. Why can't people take care of their cats? WHY? Why does it have to get like this?

Going to work now.


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